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Double Protection Φ20 LED Point Light Source (Snap-in Type)

Other Specifications

Applicable Occasions

◎ Draw the contour of buildings
◎ Logos, signs and channel lettets
◎ Christmas tree decorative lights
◎ Inner light source for outdoor lights
◎ Outdoor advertising displays
◎ Football stadium displays
◎ Large stage background displays
◎ Decorative lighting for public places
   of entertainment

Product Application Case

Product Analysis

      With the application of YD Double Protection encapsulation technology, it reaches Protect Grade IP68and Fireproof Grade V-0. It can be working well underwater 20m, and it can be self-extinguish after being deviated from fire. It can be controlled by offline machine (with SD card) to show RGB color, or with computer to perform on-line real-timely transfer images, text, video and other signals.

Product Parameters

  • Product Model:YD-DGC-20
  • Production Process:2ND Sealed Encapsulation
  • The Shell Weather Resistance:10years
  • Product Size:Φ22*14.5
  • Electrical Grade:III Class
  • The Rated Voltage:5V/12V
  • Light Angle:120°-180°
  • Protection Grade:IP68
  • Rated Power:0.24W/0.3W
  • Working Temperature:-20℃-55℃
  • Flame Retardant Grade:V-0
  • The Product Weight:±8.83g/pc
  • Light Life:50000hrs
  • UV Resistance Level:Level 4
  • The Control Mode:Normally on, Serial control

Product Size Chart

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