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Project Case
Project case
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    Shandong Weihai Sakura Lake Love

    Location:Weihai Shandong China

    Item category:Sculpture lighting

    Type of lamp:YD LED customized linear light

    Number of lamps:1550 sets

    Love Sculptue Interactive Project Sakura Lake Sports Park of Yd Illumination was awarded the 45 IES Lighting Award on Award of Distinction.

    Sakura Lake Love is a ring sculpture located in Weihai Sakura Lake Sports Park, which has 42 meters high. On the inner groove of the sculpture, 12 light strips consisting of a custom-made double protection of 70 linear lights are installed, and have built-in interactive control system, which is connected with the 12 vehicle bicycle. This control system can change the rate of pedaling into a control signal through the sensor to change the light embedded in the sculpture. The lighting effect changes with the speed of the rider. The 12 bicycles on the spot can be divided into three modes: cooperative mode, single player competition and group competition. And then, it could achieve the interactive between light and human.