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Hangzhou YD Illumination LTD won two awards of the "2017 Golden Finger Award"

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 On December 18, 2017, the Seventh Golden Finger Awards Ceremony was held in Crowne Plaza Foshan. More than 500 people who are lighting industry experts, scholars and representatives from all sectors of the industry gathered here to witness the annual feast of the lighting industry.

Golden Finger Award has been in its seventh year since its inception in 2011. This year the awards include the top ten lighting designers, the annual cutting-edge lighting designers, ten outstanding lighting design company, the top ten influential lighting engineering company, excellent lighting project case, outstanding lighting product brands and other awards. After rigorous selection, Yongdian Illumination won the seventh Golden Finger Award "excellent intelligent lighting control" award, "excellent LED wall washer" award.

Hangzhou YD Illumination LTD Intelligent Centralized Control System, awarded "Outstanding Intelligent Lighting Control", can group, transmit and distribute massive data through professional data distribution server and high-speed network, and it can play video source in real time without pre-processing Key control night lights show buildings. YD Lake City Lake area building linkage and other projects used this system..

Lake City Lake District building body linkage

Hangzhou YD Illumination LTD won the "outstanding LED wall washer," the prize of the Double Protection High Power LED wall washer DX-85. And it is a single hat-type shading structure, novel style, compact wall wash light, and the color of the shell can be based on Users like to customize, can be used underwater, underground, wall directly, can be used for the pool wall, the steps of the park, the bridge of the fence, the wall lights of the building. Can deliver consisten light requirements, suitable for all kinds of outdoor environment.

YD double protection high power LED wall washer DX-85

The "Golden Finger Award" aims to reward units and individuals who have made contributions to the lighting industry in the past year. We would like to thank the major media and industry research institutes for their recognition and affirmation. In the future, YD Illumination will continue our efforts and hard work,  to make more contributions in the lighting industry.