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Discover Marriott in Light! International five-star hotel night view is stunning!

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The tallest building in Liyang, Refreshing the skyline


Photography: Shi Ran Architectural Photography

The total investment of Liyang Yinjiang Marriott Hotel is about 1.4 billion yuan, located in the prosperous business area of Yanshan New District and the new hub of the city, which is the international five-star hotel and commercial building of the city landmark of Liyang. After the completion of the project, this 150m high modern building is the tallest building in Liyang.

Multi-layered lighting  Expressing the language of architecture

The project is a super high-rise building lighting, lighting design combined with the architectural characteristics of the Marriott Hotel, the lighting is divided into three areas, with different levels of lighting to highlight the architectural features.


The front of the main building adopts the YD double protection packaging technology Φ30 LED point light, which is vertically arranged to enhance the lighting level of the vertical direction of the building; the back adopts Φ60 LED point light, which creates a familiar and warm atmosphere for the guests with static light; in a closer view, the podium is outlined by linear lights, which combines functional lighting with aesthetic lighting.

Fixture installation

The hotel facade is a window-wall system, and the inter-story beams of the window-wall system will protrude from the glass plane to form obvious lines. The lights are installed vertically on the main building facade with an installation distance of 312.5px using aluminum tracks, and the lights on the back of the main building are installed directly with a center distance of 1250px.


After the project was completed, the client was very satisfied with the lighting effect of the hotel, and conducted aerial photography to promote investment with the theme of Marriott's charming night view!


Marriott Hotel has successfully attracted people's attention with its modern design of super high twin towers architectural shape and modern night lighting. At night, YD lighting brings the building vitality, reflects the unique style of the building, has a strong promotional effect, and becomes a strong and effective tool for Marriott Hotel brand promotion!

Project Information

Project Name: Changzhou Liyang Yinjiang Marriott Hotel

Project Location: Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province

Light supplier: Hangzhou YD Illumination Co., Ltd 

Completion time: 2020.09