Pixel dots Application
YD double protection point lights achieve IP68 highest protection grade.
Designers can use it to design lighting in any part of the landscape, including underwater, underground, and any section of a building.
Additionally, its ultra-thin and transparent design minimizes the impact on buildings during the day after installation.
It can even bestow a more spiritual and artistic effect on the architecture.
Outline the building
The point light source is applied to the outline of the building, according to the actual shape of the building for specific outlining, to achieve the effect of decorative night lighting.
Outdoor LED Media Screens
Applied to the building facade, from point to point and face to create an outdoor LED media screen, generally using steel wire or railway to install, the building during the day has very little impact, after the light has a very strong advertising capacit
Capable of full RGB color control, it is ideal for use as a nighttime light source to illuminate signage.
Pixel dots Application
Pixel dots Application

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Lighting Art Landscape
This type of application LED Point Light give full play to the advantages of small size, combined with intelligent control, perfect integration in the outdoor sculpture and other artistic landscape night lighting, become part of the art display.
Indoor Ambiance
LED point light sources can also be used indoors, installed without glare, to create a decorative effect in conjunction with your project.