Wall washer Application
YD double protection wall washer achieve IP68 highest protection grade.
LED wall washer lights illuminate the façade of buildings using secondary reflected light. They are typically used to highlight specific sections of the building's exterior, creating a sense of depth and dimension.
Building facade
Wall washer lights are generally installed on the top of the building, the waistline and other locations of a lighting technique.
Usually the wall washer light is installed in the upper part of the embankment or berm along the river, through a form of light from the top to the bottom of the illuminated surface will be lit up in a way of installing lights.
Water curtain light and shadow
Generally the wall washer light in the fountain water curtain combination, the wall washer light installed at the bottom of the fountain, the water curtain for lighting, the form of colorful changes in a lighting technique.
Wall washer Application
Wall washer Application

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Ancient building roof (eaves) wall washing
Generally, it is a form of lighting to install wall washer lights at the ridge or eaves of ancient buildings to light up part of the special structure of the roof.
Glass curtain wall internal penetration
Usually installed in the interior of the glass curtain wall, from the inside out, from the bottom up a form of mounted lights, the glass curtain wall for the whole or part of the light a form of lighting